was born 29 August 1973 and registered to vote 20 February 1996, giving the address X S4,T25N,R9W in JET, Oklahoma, U.S.A. 73749. GREEN registered as a Republican. GREEN voted in person on 3 April 2007, voted in person on 4 November 2008, voted in person on 8 September 2009, voted in person on 6 November 2012, voted in person on 11 February 2014, voted in person on 1 March 2016, voted in person on 28 June 2016, voted in person on 8 November 2016, voted in person on 26 June 2018 and voted in person on 6 November 2018.
Voter ID number: 020005492

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a public-domain copy of the Oklahoma voter list as of 13 April 2019, which is unrestricted, public information downloaded from the Oklahoma Board of Elections website.

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Last NameGREEN
First NameAMBER
Middle NameLARAE
Voter ID020005492
Polital AffREP
Street NumX
Street Dir
Street NameS4,T25N,R9W
Street Type
Bldg Num
Date Of Birth08/29/1973
Original Registration02/20/1996
Mail Street 1PO BOX 294
Mail Street 2
Mail CityJET
Mail StateOK
Mail Zip73749
School Sub
Tech Center
Tech Center Sub
County Comm03
Voter Hist 111/06/2018
Hist Method 1IP
Voter Hist 206/26/2018
Hist Method 2IP
Voter Hist 311/08/2016
Hist Method 3IP
Voter Hist 406/28/2016
Hist Method 4IP
Voter Hist 503/01/2016
Hist Method 5IP
Voter Hist 602/11/2014
Hist Method 6IP
Voter Hist 711/06/2012
Hist Method 7IP
Voter Hist 809/08/2009
Hist Method 8IP
Voter Hist 911/04/2008
Hist Method 9IP
Voter Hist 1004/03/2007
Hist Method 10IP

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