was born 25 January 1960 and registered to vote, using the address S27-T6N-R20E, TURPIN, Beaver County, Oklahoma 73950 U.S.A. This is the most recent information, from the Oklahoma voter list as of 9 May 2020.

29 February 2020: JOHN LEE EBERSOLE was born 25 January 1960 and registered to vote, giving the address S27-T6N-R20E, TURPIN, Beaver County, Oklahoma 73950 U.S.A.

29 January 2020: Same as above.

2 December 2019: Same as above.

14 April 2019: Same as above.

10 February 2019: Same as above.

29 December 2018: Same as above.

11 October 2018: Same as above.

7 June 2018: Same as above.

5 December 2016: Same as above.

19 March 2016: Same as above.

18 December 2015: Same as above.

7 November 2015: Same as above.

2 May 2014: Same as above.
9 May 2020
Precinct: 040033
First Name: JOHN
Middle Name: LEE
Voter ID number: 800145904
Political affiliation: REP
Status: A
House number:
Street direction:
Street name: S27-T6N-R20E
Street type:
Building number:
ZIP Code: 73950
Birth date: 01/25/1960
Registration date: 01/25/2012
Mailing address line 1: RR 2 BOX 253
Mailing address line 2:
Mailing City: TURPIN
Mailing State: OK
Mailing ZIP Code: 73950
Municipal ward:
Technical Center:
Technical Center
Board District:
County Commissioner District:
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